Feng Shui and the Art of Energy Balance

Feng Shui –pronounced: “fung shway”– is an artform based on the concepts of various Eastern philosophies which aim to enhance the serenity and harmony of the self by affecting the energy flows of one’s home and environment.

The essential principles of feng shui imply a deeper connection between the home environment and the inhabitants of the home –the balance and health of the home directly affecting that of its occupants.

There are many factors that affect the health and balance of the home and its energy –certain situations that are either conducive to the flow of positive energy or that cut of the flow and cause the flows to stagnate making the environment tense, depressive and even frightening.

Probably the most significant obstacle to the positive energy of a home is disorganization and clutter –although the factors that reputedly affect the atmosphere of the home are numerous and include everything from the positioning of a home in the neighborhood, the size of adjoining houses and even the geographical coordinates of the kitchen and toilet.

Increasing the Flow of Positive Energy throughout your Home

Begin by taking a walk through your home –it may help to envision yourself as a breath of air, a cloud or a dragon, to get a sense for how the energy of the wind, cloud or dragon will move through the home. This is a great way to notice if their is furniture, carpeting, rugs or clutter that obstructs your smooth passage through the home.

Envision your energy –or Dragon’s breath and tail– moving around corners, through passages and around the furnishings.

feng shuiArrange your home and furniture in a way that the airflow can encircle every object –pull furniture away from the wall even if just a little bit. Take full advantage of natural light which can bring a tremendous amount of energy.

Windows must never be blocked — they are the one of the most important conduits of positive energy. Mirrors also have an important role to play in the feng shui of a home, they have often be called the “aspirin” of feng shui –nevertheless, you don’t want to reflect the energies back out of any doors or windows.

Using Elements of Feng Shui

There exist many specific elements of feng shui that can be applied to areas of the home to create a calming atmosphere. Aromatherapy is one way to purify the air and soothe the energies of a busy room, the likeness of the Buddha is also a fine complement to cultivating the balanced home environment.

The art work that is used to decorate the place is also extremely important –the different styles and colors used can dramatically affect the atmosphere of the home and must be used with cautious eye and a sensitive perspective.

The most fascinating thing about feng shui is the way your senses will naturally become more attuned with the energy flows and as you enhance the health and harmony of your home environment. As you progress, you will also become increasingly aware of the subtle dynamics of feng shui and how best you can apply the elements and knowledge compiled in this ancient wisdom to improving your health– physical, financial and mental health.

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