Simple Kitchen Design Tips For Your Home

If you are looking at remodeling your kitchen, there are a few things that you should try to remember. Firstly, kitchen design is not the same as living room design – the kitchen is actually the busiest room in the home, and it is really important that you take the time to consider the functional parts of the design, as well as how the kitchen looks.

Think, for example, about how many people will be using the kitchen. Is it going to be big enough for you and your family to cook in all at the same time? How much open space will you need?

Most experts like this kitchen designer in Maidenhead rely on a triangle, where the stove, fridge and sink are all within easy reach of each other, and there is handy workspace adjacent to the stove for chopping and cooking. Some kitchens use a design with a central island, and this can work well if the island includes storage and a sink, but it can also be an inconvenience if it is not well thought out, because it can get in the way of the other parts of the kitchen. Imagine how much time you would end up wasting if every time you wanted to use the fridge you had to walk all the way around the kitchen instead of diagonally across it.

Another thing to think about is ease of cleaning. Backsplash tiles are a must, and your counter tops and door handles should be made of something that is attractive, timeless and easy to wipe down. Think about getting doors that roll shut, and make sure that you can reach all of the cupboards nice and easily.

kitchensYou will also need to look at things like lighting. This is especially important in smaller kitchens with high-up cupboards. If you are going to be working underneath a cupboard, you can expect that this will block out some natural light, and any light from the main downlighting in the kitchen. This means that you will need to have lights closer by – perhaps recessed in the walls.

Choose lights that produce a clear, white light instead of a slightly blue or orange hued one. This will help you to see better what your food will look like when it is being cooked. If the light is the wrong color it can make it hard to tell when meat is done, and it will mean that sauces will look rather different when they are served up. A good chef cooks by either natural daylight, or a light that is as close to that hue as possible. Anything else, and you are creating problems for yourself.

If you want concealed appliances, measure your appliances carefully so that you know that they will fit. If you have any usually sized appliances, think carefully before concealing them – will you be replacing them in the next couple of years? If so, what size will the replacement appliance most likely be?

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