What is the Perfect Kitchen?

I have always been a foodie, but the quality of the kitchens I cook in would give anyone that idea. While I live in a fairly rundown apartment, the food that I create is magic. I hope that one day I can own a home and create a luxury kitchen like those I have seen on television shows. I have to admit that I love Beckermann kitchen designs most of all ever since I first saw them.

One thing I have noticed about Beckermann kitchens is the number of burners on the stove. While every range I have had consisted of four burners, I have seen some that have as many as eight. For the sake of argument, I will have to say that my fantasy kitchen could not have any less than six. That would allow me to create meals for my family without having to cook things in shifts.

An island is another thing that separates luxury kitchens from the rest. I am not talking about those small islands that have wheels on them or the typical cabinets with a slab of faux granite on top. Luxury kitchens tend to have islands with marble countertops with a surface that is not easily scratched. I have also noticed that their islands always have storage space underneath, which can really come in handy.

What is a fantasy luxury kitchen without a great refrigerator? While the typical home has stainless steel in their dreams, I believe that one part of luxury is having something that others do not, so a custom made item would be more fitting. I have seen a few in magazines that were specially made to blend in with the cupboards. That is my idea of luxury.

One of the last things I would say constitutes luxury is an oven that is separate from the range. You never see people in nice homes bend down in order to get the huge turkey they have cooked. Instead, they stir the pots on the stovetop, then go to the other side of the room and open an oven that is mounted against a wall.

While you probably would expect more from a luxury kitchen, this is pretty much what I imagine one to be like. I am not sure if I will ever have one like the idea that I mentioned above, but it is always nice to dream. I guess I will have to be satisfied with the simple kitchens I use right now.

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